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Steel Driveway Drain Grate, Stock Size - 2" x 12" x 12"

Stock Code : TG3162-1212


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Metals Depot exclusive drainage grates are an economical solution for covering driveway trenches or floor openings that have an existing support ledge. Made from steel bar grating, drain grates are perimeter banded, fully welded for ultimate strength and painted black or galvanized. Our 2" x 12" x 12" Drain Grates are ideal for easy installation or removal for cleaning, but we can make most any size or configuration your project calls for.  Also available in Stainless Steel Grates and Aluminum Grates.

Applications: Driveway Trenches, Drainage Ditches, Manhole Covers, Sidewalk Drainage, Parking Lot Grates, Tree Grates, etc.

Specifications: PRIMER COATED STEEL, 3/16" thick bar X 2" Depth X 12" Wide X 12" Long. Minimum opening of 12-1/8" required. 5000 lb Rated Capacity - MediumVehicle Traffic