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Grate Plate™ - Heavy Duty Steel Driveway Drain Grate, 1/2" thick x 12" x 48"

Stock Code : GP121248


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Metals Depot exclusive GRATE PLATES™  Driveway & Roadway Drain Grates are the last drain covers you'll buy. Finally a solution to plates that move and jump out of place and get stolen by scrap thieves, these plates are heavy in weight and stay in place. Designed for heavy duty traffic these drain covers will not crack and break like traditional cast drain grates. Grate Plates are 1/2" thick and are ideal for placement where a supporting ledge exists in driveways, roadways, and parking lots. Lengths are standard 48 inch but we can make most any size, thickness or configuration for your project. Buy multiple plates to get just the length coverage you need. You can also paint them any color you desire for the look you want and added protection. 

Specifications: BARE STEEL, NOT PAINTED, 1/2" Thick X 12" Wide X 48" Long. Fits openings of 12-1/8" to 12-3/4". 15,000 lb Rated Capacity - Heavy Vehicle Traffic